Planting the Sun

Billie Balls may be the cutest little round fluffy pom-poms on a stick that nature ever grew.

Announcing the start of the Billy Button Project

Information is easy to come by. It’s also hard to trust.

I’ve seen a few conflicting reports on how best to grow Billy Buttons. They’re supposed to be easy enough to take care of, but I want to make sure I do it right – because I may have missed the proper planting season.

I’m looking forward to a plant-related adventure with some sort of learning involved (and maybe even a moral: plant on time). I’m using the linked page to corral all the information I can find on this lovely sunball, and to provide a place for me to collect my notes. I find these plants absolutely adorable and want to grow and preserve as many as I can!

Craspedia Globosa

  • Billy Button
  • Billy Ball
  • Woolyhead
  • Drumstick

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The Quiet of the High Desert Mindful Foliage

What’s the Plan?

Grow as many adorable sun balls as possible on a balcony, on the other side of the world from where these plants originate.

I’ve got plenty of seeds, plenty of random plastic cups to start the seeds, and potentially some balcony space with regular sunlight. There’s only one way to find out if these things will ever actually grow in SoCal.

4 or 5 seeds per week, for 10 weeks
1-3 weeks to germination(?)
A couple months to bloom(?)

Craspedia is usually a low maintenance plant and doesn’t require special care.


Since this setup isn’t ‘usual,’ it may end up requiring plenty of extra care – which I’m happy to provide!

This is an Experiment

And as long as some of these flowers survive, I’d like to give away some preserved ones in the future. Keep in touch to find out if they ever actually grow enough to be preserved!

The first batch started this week, so by summertime there should be suns on the earth.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you had a pleasant time checking out the plants. If you’re in the mood for more nature, please stay in touch!


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