Garden Journal – Christmas Week

A heck of a cold week

I’ve started up a garden watering schedule that is a little more particular than my old repeating Todoist task. This is probably my biggest change going into next week. I don’t want to get any more plants sick like I did the peppers!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Super Solstice, Jolly New Year, and all sorts of other well-wishes and seasons greetings!

An old and neglected daffodil bulb showing signs of life during winter.
An old and neglected daffodil bulb showing signs of life during winter.
A handful of daffodil bulbs back in the ground after a long hiatus. Some had rotted out, but these ones seemed to be salvageable.
Some happy daffodil sprouts getting ready, even before they’re in the dirt.

Daffodil Delight

Continuing from Deserted Daffodils

After much further ado… and about a week languishing in a bag in the corner of the room…
The daffodils are finally getting a home! After half a year, they’ve come full circle to move back into their old trough homes.

Doing some poking around, it looks like the bulbs are going in a little late. They are supposed to go into the ground sometime in mid-late autumn, and I’m putting them in at the beginning of winter. They can be fooled by a quick switch of climate into trying to bloom early – and missing their window in spring – so I may have lucked out by planting them this late. We’ve had a few heat waves already, some as high as the 80s, though lately the coolness has been getting more steady.

If I’m lucky, the little buds that are already popping up will continue their work and bloom in just a few months.

Here’s to hoping!

I used regular potting soil for this little project. I made sure to break the dirt up as much as possible and let it breathe, then watered it thoroughly. Need to make sure to avoid the mistakes I’ve made in the past with watering!

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It’s been a while since people have heard from a Genie…

The whole seed kit
The whole seed kit
Some billy button seeds mixed in with regular potting soil and slow-release plant food.
Finally trying to grow these the right way!

Billy Buttons

Earlier this year, I’d tried planting some Billy Buttons (Craspedia) from seed. I got a few sprouts, but ultimately they all died. Most, I assume, died because I watered them from above. This is. alittle closer to the proper planting period as well. In a few months, the sprouts should be large enough to harden off and move outside. By then I’ll pick up a pot big enough to grow the kind of harvest I’m hoping for.

The seeds may be a little old at this point, and only one of the packs was still sealed. If I’m lucky, at least a few of the seeds will sprout.

Can’t wait to have these in my windowsill, and later dried in a vase! The only place nearby that has them seems to be Descanso Gardens, but I’m looking to have some even closer than that.

A trough of very dry dirt
A trough of very dry dirt

Herb Trough

Lastly, I started working some very old, very dead dirt to get a new herb planter going. So far, I’ve thrown in about 10 liters of water and turned the dirt more than a couple dozen times, but it’s still thirsty. I’ll let it (and my wrist) sit overnight, then go at it again and pick out some seeds.

Currently, I’m looking more towards things I can eat. I’ve got a bunch of old seeds that need trying out… and I’m realizing that this planter may end up as stuffed and unproductive as it was when I had too many pepper plants in it. Less is more!

Next step is more of the last – turn the dirt, add the water, narrow down the seeds.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you had a pleasant time checking out the plants. If you’re in the mood for more nature, please stay in touch!


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