Six on Saturday – 15 May, 2021

We’re a few weeks into Spring, and nature doesn’t show any signs of stopping. The grass is greener on the other side, on this side, really on any side that has grass. Unfortunately, I don’t grow grass on my balcony… but I do have a bunch of other plants that are just as happy to be awake during the start of the year.

We’re not far off from summer, so all these plants better get their roots in order. Otherwise, they’ll never have enough water during the hot LA summers.

If you’ve got a garden you want to show off, don’t hesitate to write your own Six on Saturday post! They’re easy to make and I’d certainly enjoy taking a look at more gardens. If you want to learn how they work, check out where it all started!

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The Quiet of the High Desert Mindful Foliage


The succulents (and cacti!) are growing happily in the Springtime sun. Most of the 1+ year old cuttings are growing broad new limbs. The last round of propagated succulents are starting to grow new little pups and leaves, though I’m afraid I left their soil damp for too long… It always amazes me how these wild plants decide to grow. Sometimes it’s a mass of tiny arms that sprout all over the surface, sometimes it’s a few little pups along the upper rim, and sometimes – like this time – it’s a broad new arm coming out to the side. I can’t wait to see where the next one sprouts!


The thyme’s new growth phase isn’t stopping! I thought that by pruning it, I’d be helping the plant out. Instead, I seem to have encouraged it to double in height. I’m not even eating much thyme these days, having basically eaten myself sick on all the trimmings I’ve been taking off. There’s only so much thyme tea I can drink. I’m still very proud to see it growing so happily, though. I just don’t want it to know that, or else it might be encouraged to grow more.


The unknown tomato is starting to flower! I mixed up a couple seedlings a few months ago, and now I’m not sure which species this is. It’s either a Cherry or Roma tomato, but I guess I won’t really know until the tomatoes are all grown. It’s a very happy plant, but I neglected to rotate it as often as I should have. Now it’s pretty dominantly showing some phototropic turning towards the sun. In my defense, the pot is pretty large and in a hard-to-reach corner. Not in my defense, I’m the one that put it there in the first place.

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It’s been a while since people have heard from a Genie…


I think the Bloodleaf has finally settled in to its home. The plant is bigger than it’s ever been, which makes me hope the roots have really started to develop into the new soil. The leaves are a hearty red and purple mix, with only some of the older leaves showing signs of going white. I’m also thinking that its low location between a few other plants gives it a bit more humidity than it had in its previous sunny corner.


I’ve finally caved and planted some garlic. After the sunflower refused to grow taller than a foot, I realized I had way too much pot space for just that lonely flower. I’m starting to stuff the planter with a mix of other things that hopefully won’t conflict with each other. The garlic is the latest addition, and it seems to be happy enough to live alongside the squash and sunflower. Once the sunflower is gone, I’ll need a new plant to put in the center of the pot – maybe a different squash, since the butternut squash don’t seem to want to grow.


I’m always happy when the Ginkgo is showing off its strong green leaves. These new leaves are hydrophobic and rubbery, unlike the thick, corrugated paper of the later season leaves. This year, the little tree seems to want to grow its leaves from the ends of the branches back towards the center. It’s become an oddly-shaved poodle, with tufts of leaves on outstretched bare arms. It’s like the Ginkgo is sticking its arms and legs out from under a winter blanket to see if the weather is warm enough to wake up all the way. You got this, little Ginkgo!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you had a pleasant time checking out the plants. If you’re in the mood for more nature, please stay in touch!


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