About the Site

This site started as a place to gather notes on plants in my garden. I wanted to keep my notes in one place that I could access anywhere. Before too long, I started packing together information on hikes and nature, just in case I wanted to access them too. My notes and observations formed some of the first posts I ever made to this site, while links and maps and tables of seasons made up the long-term pages. After writing up this information and taking it back down for each hike and growing season, I realized it’d be better to leave it all online – someone else might want to know this stuff too!

During the lockdowns and shutdowns of recent history, I turned to this site again to keep track of my growing study of mindfulness. As more than one teacher has taught me: if you want to learn something deeply, learn it with the intent to teach. Since then, I’ve gone on to formalize my mindfulness training through schooling and certification under wonderfully capable mentors. I hope that the practices I’ve been learning can help you as well.

My love for these three sides of nature – the plants, the places, and understanding my place in it – can be found on this site under the same fields that I divide my notes. Under The Plants, you’ll find notes on growing plants, caring for them, and appreciating them for all the wonder they provide. In The Places, you’ll see notes on the places I hike more frequently, as well as other beautiful bunches of nature wherever else I go. And in Mindfulness, you can find my notes on mindfulness study, practices, and guided meditations.

I’m constantly thrilled by all there is to learn about the world around us, and our place in it. We are a part of nature, even in the heart of a city. No matter where you are, nature exists. I hope the notes on this site can help you in your journey to connect with nature, connect with yourself, and to connect the two.

About the Author

I’m a SoCal local who isn’t shy of going off road by foot or by car.

Originally from Southern California, I moved back to LA after living briefly in NYC. New York apartments taught me the value of a well-packed terrarium, while the balconies and weather in Los Angeles taught me that I’ll fit plants anywhere I can. Turns out it’s an addiction. 

I firmly believe that, no matter how deep in the city you may live, nature has some effect on you. More specifically, I think plants are perfectly fine people. We should give them a chance to flourish, and help them where we can. Or at least, stop trying so negligently to harm them. In return, they provide us with almost everything that exists today. From our clothing to our homes, and even to the food we eat – plants are among the greatest gifts that nature has given us.

I want everyone to have a connection to nature – and then, hopefully a positive one. Part of that means realizing that we do have a connection to nature, even as far removed from it as we seem to be at times. I hope you enjoy the journey.

Where to Find Mindful Foliage

Instagram – This is where you’ll find more up-to-date photos of what’s going on around me and in the garden. Plenty of photos of local natural beauty, from the cliffs of Palos Verdes and the sands of Joshua Tree.

Spotify (and other apps) – My podcast of guided meditations, field recordings, and meditative sounds. Fill your ears with nature!

Patreon – For more guided meditations or just to support the site. Let me know if there’s a meditation routine you’d like me to make for you!

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I like a Tree!

Learn about Trees For Change

This is The Tree grove. I haven’t found the exact tree, but I’d like to visit it. It was planted in February of 2020 as a Christmas gift.

It currently lives in Tahoe National Forest, in northeastern California. This batch of trees were planted until the end of February 2020 to replace trees burned in the North fire (2018).
The trees they planted were native to the region – Ponderosa pine, Jeffery pine, Douglas fir, sugar pine or incense cedar.

I like a Star!

As a gift, this star was named after me:

2° 12′ 58.32″ rectascension
29.9994° declination
9.81 magnitude
In constellation of Triangle
February 19, 2015

“When You Wish Upon A Star, Your Dreams Come True”
Not sure which service used this slogan – I have no other information. Maybe it’ll be dug up someday.