My first shishito pepper is finally ready to be eaten

Six on Saturday – 21 Aug, 2021

The odd summer is continuing onward, bringing more fog and a morning with light drizzle. It's still cooler day by day, almost like summer decided it was done out here before August is. Whichever way the weather decides to go, many of the plants are growing like it's spring again.

A succulent shows a little pocket of new growth at the end of the stem

Six on Saturday – 01 May, 2021

Spring is an unstoppable force in the garden. The things that flower won't stop flowering. The things that produce food aren't producing food currently - the tomatoes haven't blossomed, the squash refuse to grow taller, and the cress has gone to seed. Still, there's plenty of new plants in the garden, and plenty of greenery to enjoy every morning!