Six on Saturday – 13 Mar, 2021

Spring is finally around the corner, and plants are starting to wake up. Out here, it’s getting to be transplant and grow-sowing time (although the sudden chill and 2-day rainstorm out here played some hell with my seedlings). Here’s to hoping all the plants grow up big and strong!

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The Quiet of the High Desert Mindful Foliage


One of the moments I’ve most been looking forward to all week was the division of the fern. This is my first time dividing this particular fern – there’s already a space set aside at work for the new half to move in at work. The other half (which ended up being the larger half) will stay at home in the wall display. This fern started life as a rescue from the clearance section of a store, sitting in a display that was far too dry. It took a fair portion of last year for it to shake off all the leaf dropping and dried fronds. It’s nearly doubled in height since last fall!


Two tomato plants were transplanted outside. This is part of my continual guessing at when Spring really starts out here. One of each variety were placed in their new homes on opposite sides of the balcony. The cherry tomatoes will sit near the cacti and pepper, while the roma lives near the olive and bloodleaf. Here’s to hoping I have more tomato than I know what to do with and have to give some away!


The bloodleaf also needed some shaking up, and made its way into the balcony transplant queue. It had a rough life at the start, and was probably allowed to stay just a smidgeon drier than it should have. I went ahead and moved it up to a pot that wasn’t absolutely covered in drainage holes (and is about twice the depth), then gave it a slight cover of red mulch. It’s also moved from its overly sunny spot to somewhere with a touch more shade. Even after a few days, it’s looking thrilled.

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I transplanted a handful of Billy Balls – all but one. The largest one is being allowed to remain in the seed-starting trough for now while I hope its roots have enough room. The next two in size were moved to 4” terracotta pots, where I’m hoping their surprisingly uncomplicated tap roots will be able to develop. Another two were placed in the bloodleaf’s old pot, which should hopefully have enough drainage. They’re being placed outside each day to train them to the weather, but they don’t seem to like it. Maybe it’s a bit too cold still. The indoors Billy Balls are all doing better, anyway.


The sunflower is almost ready to move up to its final pot. It’s a couple inches tall and has a couple sets of true leaves. My main fear in moving it outside is the potential for our sudden high winds to knock it over. I think the best way around that is to tie it to the balcony wall. Not at first – it’ll start in the sunniest spot on the balcony, freestanding. Once it’s tall enough that the handrail isn’t a concern, I’ll move it to its long-term spot. Then on with the rope.


The paperwhites continue their astounding display. One is still hanging proudly on to its flowers, while the other just seems to enjoy more foliage. The flower bud is present, but refuses to do anything other than look out of place. I’m glad both bulbs decided to grow, though. They’re such lovely plants, with such opposite personalities. 

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you had a pleasant time checking out the plants. If you’re in the mood for more nature, please stay in touch!


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