Six on Saturday – 5 Jun, 2021

The air’s heating up out here, jumping up to about 90F on some days. It’s not quite where it will be once we’re up into July and August, but for now the garden is having a happy time of it. They hadn’t quite gotten along with the cold, strong winds of late winter. Now they’re having a wonderful time sunning and getting a green tan.

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The Quiet of the High Desert Mindful Foliage


The wildflowers are blooming with reckless abandon! Only about a tenth of the plants have started to flower – all the flowers so far seem to be different colors of the same species. Once they all open up, I don’t doubt that the little pot will be a whirlwind of color. The few varieties that are blooming right now are lovely shades of light magenta and beige. I haven’t tried growing bunches of flowers before, and these aren’t exactly the kind that go freshly cut into a pot… but they’re lovely on their own already. I think the flower pot will turn out better than a bouquet, anyway!


The tomato blooms are coming in nicely. It’s looking more and more like this one will be a cherry tomato plant, but I’m still not sure yet. Despite the dozens of dozens of blooms all over this plant, and the plant being more than four feet tall at this point, it still hasn’t started growing any tomatoes. I’ve solved the watering problems I had last year, and the soil is fresh and full of nutrients. I’m not sure why it’s not happy enough to make tomatoes, so I’m going to blame it on the weather until I figure out a different reason. Darn you, sudden warmth!


The Billy Buttons are finally throwing on some more leaves! At least two of them are. Two others that are in a similar size pot aren’t growing at all, and some of the older leaves have started to yellow. The largest one, in the ceramic pig, has gotten so overlarge that it’s toppled sideways under its own weight. Only these two Craspedia are having a good time of it. None of them are showing any signs of blooming, but then again, a watched pot never boils. I think I have to stop focusing on these flowers so much for them to finally decide to bloom.

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It’s been a while since people have heard from a Genie…


The mint is being overshadowed by the thyme. Whenever the mint grows a little bit toward the sun, the thyme extends its shoots just a little bit farther. This is a race of the hare and the other hare, as both of these plants pick up speed every time the weather warms just a smidgen more. My only hope is to eat enough thyme for the mint to have a chance at life. I can’t wait to make some amazing thyme-mint-rosemary mix in the near future! The real question is what to put it on…


This thyme is showing off its lovely bundles of new leaves. I’m still not totally sure if these are soon-to-be flowers or just new shoots forming, but they’re going to be tasty additions to my dried herb collection nonetheless. No matter how many of these I clip, this mighty little plant keeps on going. I think I’ll have another year or two of solid growth from it before it gets to be too woody. This plant was started from a cutting, though, so I’m ready to get another cutting going again! Each cutting is a clone of the parent plant, so I’m crossing my fingers and hoping I can get more of the same wonderful flavor.


The Ginkgo has started putting out a few new leaves. I’m not sure why these little leaves have joined the party so late in the season, but I certainly don’t mind! They’re going to add to the lovely heft of green already pushing out of the little tree. I hope they turn colors a little later than the other leaves too, so that I get a deeply multi-colored tree.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you had a pleasant time checking out the plants. If you’re in the mood for more nature, please stay in touch!


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